May, Myself, and I – Little, Curtains

Little (May 13)

I start so many stories with “when I was little.” Of course, when I say this I mean, “when I was young,” but something about the word “little” suggests such an sweetness and innocence that it often seems more appropriate than “young.”

When I was little, my family and I went to Disney World. I was maybe around eight years old, and I actually remember very little, if anything from the trip. What I do “remember” very clearly are the pictures we took. There’s one in particular of me that I find simply adorable.

It’s a picture of me with Princess Aurora. I’m in a pretty lilac dress, and when my mom took the picture I decided to curtsy. My mom didn’t realize that I’d done this until after we got the pictures developed (yeah, believe it or not you couldn’t always review the picture after you took it, you had to have every single one printed to see them again!). Mom was so pleased by that picture and she makes a big fuss about it whenever we go back through our photo album from that trip.

That is the sort of thing I imagine as “when I was little.”

Curtains (May 14)

This one’s going to be very literal, because Michael and I just moved into our first home. When it came time to buy curtains, it was far more difficult than I anticipated.

When you’re in the middle of the hustle and bustle of moving, the last thing on your mind is curtains. Our new house, though, has tons of windows. I adore it, because it means that we get so much natural light into our rooms, but it did make the first couple weeks after the move somewhat uncomfortable. It seems like curtains would have been a priority, for privacy’s sake, but it was such a pain to find all the rods and all the right curtains at all the right lengths that it was something we put off for quite a while. We had blankets over the windows in our bedroom and in the bathroom, that was enough for a while.

Once they were finally ordered, hanging the curtains was no picnic, either. Michael did that almost entirely on his own, but I was there for placement consultation, and you’d be surprised at how difficult it can be to figure out the exact right height and width for your curtain rod. There was a lot of anxiety over this, and a great deal of FaceTiming with my mom.

I loved our house from the moment we bought it, and I’m still astonished now and then when I realize that it’s actually ours, that we really own this home. I have to say though, I love it a lot more now that we have a little privacy.

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