May, Myself, and I – Pranks

There is a very fine line of good-natured pranks that are tolerable to me, but for the most part I don’t like them. I’ve never really liked the kind of humor that is at the expense of other people. In particular, people being hurt is never funny to me, no matter how much the person might seem to deserve it. Picking on a horse and get kicked in the balls? Sure, you deserved that, but it’s not funny to me. In that same vein, instances where people are made to look stupid or foolish aren’t funny to me, either.

I’ll admit that some of this dislike of pranks may come from my absolute inability to pull them off. I would say that the feeling of foolishness at a poorly executed prank far exceeds the reward of success, so I simply do not participate in this form of social interaction.

In order for me to enjoy the prank of someone else, then, it basically just has to be ok with the person that the prank is being pulled on. If they find it amusing, if they genuinely laugh it off, if they swear revenge with a great big smile on their face, that’s fine. But if the only one getting a laugh is the pranker or the bystanders, then that just seems like cruelty to me.

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