Day 56: Blocking

Ugh, blocking. I don’t know a single knitter that looks forward to blocking their work…

Unfortunately, it is a 100% necessary task, particularly with a sweater. Maybe I wouldn’t bother with, say, a shawl or a blanket, even though I usually do get around to it for those things.

But this sweater? No, it’d be almost unwearable without blocking, with the way the edges curl up from the stockinette stitch.

I decided to wet block this sweater.

Well, no, that’s not quite right. I didn’t “decide” to wet block it, because I didn’t have much of a choice. I don’t have a steamer (wouldn’t that be nice, though), and no way was I going to attempt to steam block using the steamer on my iron. Not worth the risk of burning my precious yarn.

To do the wet blocking, though, I had to have a tub big enough to fit this massive sweater in it. And the only tub we have that’s big enough, is our bathtub.

So I ran a nice room temperature bath for my sweater, threw in some nice wool wash to make it a little bit luxurious, and set that baby to soaking.

I wish desperately that I could say “then I took it out and put it in my spin dryer, before laying it out on my blocking pads and threading in my blocking wires to make sure it got a great, even blocking.”

Unfortunately, I don’t have any of those things.

(Upon reflection, I apparently don’t have a significant number of things that would make blocking considerably easier.)

Instead, I very gently wrang out my sweater, then laid it out on a towel and squeezed out a bit more water. (Once it was all pinned, I set up a fan to help it dry faster. Again, would’ve been easier with better equipment.)

Next came the very tedious process of putting individual pins in while I spread it out on a bunch of towels on the carpet. Thank goodness for my boyfriend, Michael, who helped me with this bit. It’d have taken an absolute eternity (in addition to causing an anxiety attack when it wouldn’t freaking lay like it was supposed to!) if it weren’t for his assistance.

Speaking of assistance, I’ve got to thank you all, my loyal readers, because if it weren’t for you, I probably would have put off the blocking for this sweater. I pretty much always do – put off blocking, I mean. Even when I really want to use the thing I’ve knit, it takes a lot of motivation for me to get to the blocking.

And this time, that motivation was you all, and this blog! Because I certainly feel like I’m being held accountable here. So thank you!

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