Day 55: So Close!

I’m so close to being done with this sweater.

I thought that I would be done yesterday. I only had pockets to seam up and ends to weave in. But then the day ended up being pretty busy, and the free time I usually have at work did not happen.

I did finish seaming up the pockets while playing DnD with some friends after work, though.

Right pocket

Left pocket

The pattern called specifically for me to use a “slip stitch” technique to sew up the pockets. Unfortunately, I am not a sewist, and I had no idea what that was. I looked it up online (as you do), and it seemed (ehhhh, no pun intended, but a happy coincidence!) easy enough to figure out with fabric, but then the video I was watching said something about “seam allowances” and I took one look at my sweater and was lost.

I’m sure I could have figured it out if I’d taken some time to think about it or watched some other tutorials, but I really wasn’t in the mood. So I just went stitch by stitch, matching each stitch of the lining to a stockinette stitch on the outside of the pocket.

And I really like the way it looks, even if it’s not the invisible join the pattern called for.

Oh, and you remember how I said that I’d had “way too many” rows when I first knit the lining, so I took a bunch of them out? Weeeell, maybe I shouldn’t have done that. Because it was short once I actually put needle to yarn.

It’s a little bit noticeable on the front side, which I was a annoyed about. I had a real hard think about how much it was going to bother me, and if it was significant enough for me to take out all the seaming I’d just done to lengthen it. I decided it was not. So I’ll have just slightly too short pockets, but I’ll deal with it.

This is why you measure everything folks, you don’t just eyeball it.

So, after the pockets, I did manage to get a few of my ends woven in, but we finished up our DnD session and headed home before I could really make much of dent in all those ends.

I thought that I would be able to finish it up when I got home, but not only was I exhausted because it was after 10pm (and I’m an old lady with an appropriate old lady bedtime of 9pm), but I felt extremely ill. There was no possible way I could have gotten those ends woven in.

They most certainly will be woven in by my next post, though, and hopefully the sweater will be blocking as well!

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