Day 52: Thank Goodness For 2-Day Shipping

I got my needles!

I cannot tell you how happy I was to get home from work and be able to hook up these new tips to my cord and get some rows done on my sweater!

Michael’s the actual owner of the Prime account that I used, so he got the email that they’d been delivered, but he let me know as soon as he did. And as soon as we got home, we checked the mail to pull the package out of the mailbox. And as soon as I got the package I tore into it. And as soon as I opened the package I opened the needles and put the new tips on my project!

It was such a relief. I felt like my life was back on track, not just my knitting.

Lately I’ve been talking about how close I am to being done, and how I only have a few centimeters left, etc, etc. But I didn’t properly realize just how close I was until I pulled out my sweater again, after not looking at it for two days, and noticed just how far I’d come.

I am nearly finished with a sweater. My first sweater! It’s unreal.

Yesterday afternoon, while I was moping over my broken needles while getting my scrappy blanket underway, I did realize something rather obvious, that would have moved me further along on this sweater and would have kept me from losing those couple of days while waiting for my needles.

The pockets.

I could have been knitting the pockets!

I’m not going to be using these lengthy circulars when I knit the pocket linings. I could have taken a couple of straight needles and knit up the linings. I probably could have even sewed them on!

Or, and this would have been just as clever, I could have woven in all the freaking ends. Then when I finished off this bottom edge, I’d have actually been properly done! I wouldn’t have to deal with that weird feeling of having gotten to the end of the project, without having completed it.

But I guess hindsight is 20/20.

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