Day 49: Nearly Done

Progress has been made! I can’t tell you how much of a relief it is to be working on this border. It really feels like I’m nearly done with this sweater.

The border being in stockinette stitch also makes the end of this sweater pretty easy, since the only parts that weren’t in the main body stitch (the pockets, seams, and collar) are all now done exactly the same.

Remember how I said the pockets were nice because they gave a bit of variety in each row? Well variety is overrated. This is so easy as it is now, I love it!

Then again, I’m a “TV knitting” kind of knitter. I like knitting that I don’t have to think about at all. Not that it wasn’t already like that for most of the body, but making it even easier hasn’t hurt.

I did have a small incident while knitting this at work. I was pulling the stitches around to the opposite needle after finishing a row, and I accidentally yanked too hard on my stitches, pulling off about 20 of them!

It was easy enough to fix, thankfully, and no stitches were lost. But I’ll tell you what, I nearly had a heart attack when it happened.

In other news, I can finally say, I’ve completely finished the blanket I was knitting!

I finished the knitting of it a couple weeks ago, while I was on vacation in Maine, but it’s taken me this long to put a border on it and get it blocked.

The border was not something that was called for in the pattern, but I’m extremely pleased with it. My mom’s favorite color is red, first of all, so I think it’ll suit her very well. But it’s also just a nice touch. It really smooths out the edge, not to mention that it covers up a couple of the mistakes I made around the outside.

I made a couple other changes as well, besides the border. I cast on an extra 26 stitches to put in another snowflake section, and I knit the pattern 12 times rather than the 9 the pattern called for.

I have absolutely no idea why the kit I bought for this blanket came with SO MUCH yarn.

I got 13 skeins of Swish in Dove Heather when I ordered the pattern kit on Knit Picks. And even with the increases I make to the pattern, which were significant, I only used 10 of them!

I’m not complaining, of course. I’ve got an extra 3 skeins of Knit Picks Swish, which is a really lovely yarn, even if it does split a little. I’m certain I’ll use it again.

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