Day 47: Race to the Finish Line

I’ve never run a long distance race before, but I imagine that I could draw a lot of similarities between what that feels like and what knitting this sweater feels like.

And where I’m at now, I imagine that it’s like not quite being able to see the finish line, but nearly. I can hear all the people waiting at the finish line cheering, but I’ve just got one more curve to go around, and then I’ll be able to see it as well!

Of course, I’m picturing the “finish line” of this sweater as being the bottom, which isn’t necessarily true. Once I finish my last body stitches, I still have to knit the lining for the pockets, sew together the pockets, weave in all the ends, and fix some of the holes and other small mistakes that I made. And of course, I have to block it as well, which is always such a drag. You think you’re done with a project, but there’s always this one more step.

Anyway, here are some pictures of my progress.

I’m beginning to run out of room on the desk that I use for the photos! I wanted this to be a long cardigan, so I should have expected that, but for some reason it just totally slipped my mind.

I’m not really measuring from the underarm down anymore, it’s all about the pockets now. Once those reach the correct length (I think I’ll be able to achieve that by the next blog post, hopefully!), then I’ll be in the home stretch. The finish line will be in sight!

Like the sleeves, the bottom of this cardigan ends in a stockinette stitch (rather than reverse stockinette stitch) border, with a couple of rows of garter stitch between the two different patterns. I’ve got to knit a few centimeters of that, then I’ll be choosing my bind off.

I’m very tempted to wax on about what it’s going to feel like once I finish this sweater, and what the experience has felt like overall, but I’m going to hold off on that until I get to one of my last posts.

To borrow another racing analogy, I don’t want to jump the gun.

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