Day 45: I Have Pockets!

Well actually, I don’t technically have pockets yet. I have holes, which will later become pockets. But it’s close enough for me!

Once I got the casting on part right, it was really quite easy to knit.

Well actually, it should have been easy, but I, naturally, messed it up.

When I started knitting the stitches I’d cast on, I noticed that the end stitches were rather loose, or had a bar that hung down and didn’t look too pretty. So I, in my infinite wisdom, figured I’d just knit one stitch deeper into the body on one side of the pocket, and one stitch less on the other, and this would make it look a bit more even.

Don’t ask me why I thought that’d work.

Anyway, so when I’d finished with this convoluted plan, I realized that not only did it look a bit strange, but I didn’t do it evenly on each side. One side had 7 stitches next to the collar, the other had 9 stitches next to the collar.

Whatever, I thought, I was done trying to be fancy. When I knit the next row, I pulled out the stitches I’d changed when I came to them, and put it to rights as the pattern indicated.

Or so I thought.

I knit another few rows, and then I noticed that one of my pockets was looking a little strange. I did a quick count, and suddenly I was up to 10 stitches between the collar and the pocket on that side!

I must have “fixed” that one in the wrong direction.

I double checked that my other pocket was fine, and it was, so I set to work on properly fixing the other pocket as well.

First column of stitches, all pulled out. That laddering felt more frightening than it looks…
This is on the opposite side as the picture above. One row fixed, one to go!

Thank goodness I’d only knit four rows. I’ve had to ladder down on stitches far deeper than that before (I think my record is 7, but that was infinitely harder because is was in a pattern, not just stockinette stitch), and it’s such a pain. Not only is it difficult to do, but it’s nerve wracking. It feels like, if I do it wrong, the whole thing will come unraveled!

In the case of these pockets in particular, I was pulling down to cast on stitches, which felt very much like pulling down to nothing more than air. If I pulled down too far, I definitely wasn’t sure that I could recreate the cast on stitch.

Anyway, that’s enough about my mistakes. They were fixed, and that’s what matters.

And that’s how it’s supposed to look.

Let me tell you what my favorite part about these pockets is so far; they give a bit of variety in the monotony of this body work.

Since the front facing side of the pockets is done in regular stockinette stitch, rather than the reverse stockinette of the rest of the body, it really breaks up the tedium of knitting 200+ stitches, which I greatly appreciate.

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