Day 43: Can I Get a Do-Over?

I’m going to be honest guys, I didn’t get that much done yesterday, guys. But this blog has once again served its purpose, because when it was about 9:30 last night and I hadn’t done any knitting on my sweater, I grabbed it from my project bag and made sure that i got something done on this baby.

And I did. Technically.

I finally sewed on the collar!

Which would be a much more joyous announcement, if I didn’t think that it looks absolutely terrible. I cringed looking at it when I finished last night, and was very grateful that it was time for me to go to bed so I didn’t have to look at it for a while.

In my defense, I do not think that this particular part of the pattern is an easy ask by any means. First of all, the project is supposed to be seamed up using mattress stitch (which I’m not super great at in the first place), but that seaming is done on stitches facing perpendicular to one another. The collar piece is horizontal facing, and the body I’m attaching it to is vertical.

Not only that, but I’m attaching opposite sides of the fabric! The right side of the body is in reverse stockinette, while the right side of the collar is in regular stockinette.

And another thing, the collar section and the body section aren’t the same length. The width of the collar, at least on my project, is less than the width of the body I attached it to, so I had finagle some of the stitching to make it seam up evenly.

Well, I tried to finagle some stitching to make it seam up evenly. I’m pretty sure that I did not succeed in this.

So, all things considered, I’m going to leave it as is, at least for now. I’ve left the tails loose on the seam rather than weaving them in so I can pull it out later and try to redo it, but for right now I’m just happy not to have the things hanging off the ends and making my life difficult.

Who’d have thought that the hardest part of the knitting my first sweater would be a bit of mattress stitch, huh?

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