Day 41: Increase Happy

Apparently I’m increase happy, guys, because I just keep overdoing it.

So, for this pattern, once you get to a certain length on the body, you increase less frequently. And I passed that point several centimeters ago, but I forgot my measuring tape at home, so I wasn’t keeping very close track.

As usual, though, I wasn’t about to rip anything back, so I just left it and carried on as the pattern originally intended. It’ll be close enough. And if it’s a little bit big around the top, well, that’s how I like my garments anyway.

I haven’t mentioned this since the beginning of the blog, so it may bear repeating; I try to be a bit vague in some of my descriptions, because this sweater is a paid pattern by Heidi Kirrmaier.

In particular, in terms of measurements and stitch counts, I don’t want to risk giving anything away (even if I have messed up enough times to make both of those pretty inaccurate at this point).

As a wannabe designer myself, I’d be honored if someone chose to write a blog about one of my patterns. But if they gave away the entire construction of the project so that people could copy it or make the sweater without buying the pattern, I wouldn’t be so pleased anymore.

And really, it’s just commonly descent not to give away for free the details of something that someone else put a lot of effort into.

Anyway, back to my sweater progress.

I definitely didn’t realize just how much I was actually getting done with my 10-20 rows of the body each day until I did the calculations. And then, when I finished my self-prescribed 12 row minimum yesterday, I also realized just how much yarn it’s eating up!

I mentioned just 2 days ago that I was onto my next skein of yarn, and I think I’ll be telling you all the same thing by Sunday at the latest! I’m already almost done with the next skein.

And remember, these are 250 yard skeins, when the average for a skein of worsted weight (in my experience) is about 200 yards, so it’s definitely not a small amount of progress.

Not to mention that the first skein took me 9 days to get through, and I thought that was quick. I’ll probably halve that amount of time once I finish this skein!

Hopefully I can keep the progress rolling like this.

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