Day 38: Story Time

Well guys, progress has been made, but not much.

Or at least, it doesn’t feel like much. Each one of these body rows takes absolutely ages. I can only knit about four an hour, maybe five, if I’m concentrating and not talking to anyone or anything. So it’s pretty slow going.

I do have pockets to add near the bottom, which will be quite interesting (I’m super excited for those!), but it’s going to take me an awful long time to get there.

And of course my collar pieces still need to be seamed on. I’ve been putting that off because I’ve never been very good at mattress stitch, and I’m also not entirely certain how I’m supposed to attach the two pieces together in the first place. Anybody know what it means to “graft” two pieces together?

Anyway, the point is, there’s not much to report today, so I thought I’d tell you a short story from my trip!

Don’t worry, it’s knitting related.

The very first day we were in New York City, my boyfriend, Michael, and I had a brunch reservation at a restaurant called Sarabeth’s. It was on the West Side of the city, near the Museum of Natural History, and Michael and I were staying in Queens. So, we of course had to take the subway to get there.

I mean, I suppose technically we could have gotten a cab or something, but we are not made of money.

Anyway, given that it was our first day ever using the subway, and considering all the (very untrue) horror stories I’d heard about the unreliability of the New York subway, we decided to give ourselves an extra hour to get into the city.

Which was utterly unnecessary. Of course, if we’d been running late, then there would have been some issue with our journey, but because we gave ourselves so much extra time everything ran super smoothly.

So to wile away that extra hour until our brunch reservation, we decided to just take a stroll, heading in the general direction of Central Park.

We were walking down the street when suddenly I stopped and turned around, and ran back to look in a window we’d passed.

And lo and behold, it’s the shopfront for Knitty City, one of the yarn stores I’d wanted to visit!

I was ecstatic.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t open yet, but I was so excited to have simply stumbled upon this yarn store that I’d been so excited to visit, that I took a few pictures of the shop window.

And don’t worry, we stopped by the store later that afternoon, after we went to the Museum of Natural History. The staff there was absolutely lovely, the shelves were bursting with yarn, and I had an amazing time looking through all the stacks and bins and baskets. And I got three gorgeous skeins of yarn!

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