Day 21: Knitting Mojo

I’m hesitantly optimistic, but I think my knitting mojo has returned! Especially in regards to this sweater.

Not only did I get caught up on the knitting that I’d fallen behind on with my blanket yesterday, but I cast on and completed two sections of decreases on my sweater sleeve. And I enjoyed it!

Here’s what I think happened.

I got so anxious while working on my first sweater sleeve, that it just stopped being as fun. I was working a few rows every day on my sleeve, but I was doing them more out of a feeling of obligation, to myself and to you, my readers. And the reason I was so begrudging about all that knitting is because, no matter how hard I tried to change my thinking, I was convinced I was going to have to tear the whole thing out.

You can understand why that would be unmotivating. If every row you knit is only going to be one more row that you think you’ll have to undo, each one is a slog.

I seem to have finally persuaded my brain to trust that I’m not going to have to rip it out, though. I tried it on once I finished the first sleeve, and it fit so well that I’m convinced the rest of it will fall into place.

What a betrayal it will be if I do end having to take the whole thing out, though, huh? I think I’ll be scarred for life. Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen!

One note I did want to make about the finished sleeve, which I forgot in my previous post, is that I am absolutely in love with the cuff.

It’s a really simple thing, it just goes from reverse stockinette to stockinette, and the knitting of it was kind of a pain in the rear end, but the result looks perfect. It looks finished and just that little bit polished while still being cozy, which is exactly what I needed it to look like to get this mojo back.

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