Day 20: Let’s Not Pretend

Alright guys, I told you yesterday that I didn’t write up that post until late, late evening, so I’m not even going to pretend to have made any progress on my sweater. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, work was crazy and home was, too, so there was just no knitting time.

I know, *gasp!*, right? No knitting time?? Surely there must have been a few minutes when I could have squeezed some knitting in? And of course, there was a tiny bit. I had a half an hour on lunch, and got all of 2 rows done on my blanket.

Hopefully today will be more fruitful.

In case it wasn’t obvious, I did want clarify how these blogs are being written (twenty days in seems like a perfect time for that, right?). I think of it as Vlogmas style, because I am obsessed with Vlogmas.

Side note: For knitting Vlogmas recommendations, I’m currently watching (yes, as in watching Christmas content in September) A Voolenvine Vlogmas, by the Yarngasm Podcast. I also binge watched Brooklyn Knitfolk’s Vlogmas from 2016 and 2017, and that one was absolutely fantastic.

So anyway, I write each post in the morning (most of the time), and that post is about what I got done, learned, struggled with, etc., the day before.

Day 20, therefore, is written on September 21, but it’s about what happened September 20.

Make sense? Good! Now, wish me luck on getting at least something done on my sweater. I’m going to spend most of my evening packing for vacation, but hopefully I’ll get a chance to pick up the needles at some point!

Oh, and I almost forgot! Some update pictures on my sleeve, as promised:

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