Day 19: Sleeves

Before I get going, I want to apologize to all of you for getting this up so late. We’re prepping for a big vacation at home, and at work things were crazy today as well, so I’m writing this post just before going to bed.

Unfortunately, that means no update pictures until tomorrow, sorry! Also, it means that if anything doesn’t make sense or sounds strange, you’ll know that it’s because I’m practically asleep as I type this.

Anyway, onto the real content.

I did it, guys. I finished the first sleeve!

And what a slog it was, too, especially at the end. When I was knitting the yoke, there were hundreds of stitches on my needles, and I could knock out row after row and properly enjoy it. But man, these sleeves, not the same story at all.

Even when I stopped trying it on and making myself anxious, it was tough to get through. I only had a couple dozen stitches on the needles, but doing all those rounds of magic loop was just not fun for me.

You all know what SSS is, right? Second Sock Syndrome? That lack of motivation to knit the second sock once you’ve finished the first. I’m vaguely concerned that it may also stand for Second Sleeve Syndrome, because my motivation to get going on this next one is pretty dang low.

But I just have to get through this second sleeve, then it’s onto the body! And now that I know my exact row count and all that, I’m hoping this second sleeve will go much more quickly.

I’m also hoping, probably much more than I ought to, that the body will be properly enjoyable knitting for me. It’s going to be a lot of back and forth knit a row, purl a row, knit a row, purl a row, on and on for many, many inches – wait, no, many centimeters. I really need to remember to think in centimeters with this sweater – but at least it won’t be in the round on magic loop.

Gotta appreciate the little things.

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