Day 18: Minor Progress

I was hoping today to be able to tell you that I’d finally finished the sleeve I’ve been spending the last several days on, but alas, I didn’t quite finish it.

I did finish the reverse stockinette section of the sleeve, so at least there was some progress there. I just have the cuff left to do, which is done in plain stockinette. That’s going to be a real pain, knitting it in the round as I am. I’ve been doing just the knit stitch to get the reverse stockinette pattern, so I’m going to have to purl the entire cuff.

I will say, the panic has lessened slightly on this sweater sizing. Only slightly though, unfortunately.

The trouble is, rather than measuring out how long I wanted my sleeve to be and doing the appropriate amount of rows, I’ve just been trying it on every few rows to see how it fits. And every time I try it on, I have to fiddle with it to make the shoulder and underarm sections fit how I think they’re going to, but I’m always nervous that I’m just shaping it to how I hope it’ll lay, not how it actually will.

Not only do I start to feel nervous every time I try this thing on, but this method may come back to bite me when I block it. The sleeves may very well end up being too long. Then again, if too-long sleeves are the only issue I’m having when this is said and done, I’ll count myself lucky.

I’m hoping that the second sleeve will go much more quickly. There won’t be any trying on or testing, I’m just going to knit the whole sleeve and move straight on to the body.

I won’t be trying it on again until I’ve knit at least a few rows of the body, so I have a better idea of how it’s going to stretch and pull.

Tomorrow, I will have news of a finished sleeve, I am determined!

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