BONUS POST: FibreShare

Who’s doing FibreShare this round?

I am!

Just as this is my first sweater, this is my first time doing FibreShare, and I’m so excited!

For anyone who doesn’t know what FibreShare is, let me explain. It’s this worldwide fiber swap event. There are only a few rounds of it each year, and you have to sign up and pay an $8 fee each time you enter.

The fee is to compensate the amazing women who have to pair up the thousands of participants each round, as well as to guarantee that everyone receives a package. Anyone whose partner ends up being unable to fulfill their obligation (which I don’t think happens too often, largely because those people are then disqualified from ever entering a FibreShare swap again) will still receive a package full of fibery goodness, courtesy of that small fee and the FibreShare coordinators.

I got matched with my partners almost two weeks ago (yes, partners, you get two – one to send a package to, and one to receive a package from). Both of my partners are international, and I cannot properly convey my excitement at receiving a package from Denmark in a few weeks/months (depending on how long shipping takes, of course).

And as for me, I’m sending my package to the Vancouver area!

I’ve been coming up with ideas and planning out what I’m going to include in the package to my partner in the last week or so. You’re only required to send 200grams of fiber for this event, but I want to make sure that the package I send out is special!

Yesterday was my first purchase for the package, from my amazing and wonderful Local Yarn Store, Woven Art. (I may have also picked up a couple things for myself…)

I have a few more pieces to pick up here in Michigan, but I’m going to New York City on vacation soon, so I’m planning on picking up some more things while I’m there. Hopefully my partner will be as excited about that as I am!

Hope you guys don’t mind me breaking form to talk about something fibery that I’m super excited for. There will probably be more FibreShare related news, particularly when I receive my package, so look out for those.

Oh, and also! If you’re interested, the FibreShare event is closed for this round, but if you’d like to read up about it and be alerted when it opens up again, here’s a link to their extremely helpful website.

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