Day 16: Motivation

Writing this blog has officially done what I hoped it would – motivated me!

Last night, it was getting pretty late, and I realized that, yet again, I hadn’t picked up my needles all day. I was feeling pretty tired from being outside in hellish temperatures (ok, 86 degrees, but it felt like Hell walking around in the sun most of the afternoon), and I was gearing up to just go to bed and try again the next day.

But then! I thought about having to write in this blog that I’d made no progress again, and I simply couldn’t stand the shame. So I picked up my needles, and I finished the decreases on my sleeve!

It was only 15 rows, but it was my goal for the day, so I’m quite happy with that. I’ve got a little more reverse stockinette to knit, then a bit of plain stockinette for the cuffs, and then I’ll be totally done with my first sleeve.

A new pain in the butt has surfaced now, in this sleeve knitting.

Because I’m knitting the sleeves still attached to the project, the whole thing is this weird blob, but it’s a very long weird blob. Which means that every time I knit a round on the sleeves, it just stays twisted from turning the work. And for some reason, that twist gets very tight very quickly. I have to untwist it pretty much every other row, or it puts more weird pressure on my wrists and makes my hands hurt again.

That’s not too big a deal, though. Not compared to being concerned about this thing being big enough for me.

That’s right, I’m officially starting to get worried about sizing. I’ve tried on the sleeve a couple of times, and every time, it’s been a bit worrisome. I like my garments, especially my cardigans, to be quite big on me. I’m not knitting for style here, I’m knitting for warmth and comfort.

I picked the medium size for this cardigan, thinking that would probably be good enough. The medium is supposed to fit a 38in bust size, and I’m only about a 34. I thought 4 inches of positive ease would be enough for a relatively loose fitting cardigan.

I’m not so sure anymore.

I’m going to keep going, hoping and praying the whole time that it’ll fit like I’m expecting once I finish the next sleeve. If it doesn’t, I’ll have the impossibly heartbreaking task of pulling it all out so that I can cast on the next size up.

I suppose it’s better to rip it out with just the sleeves and yoke done, than to completely finish the sweater and then find out I don’t like it.


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