Day 14: A Bit Boring

Alright guys, this is it. This is what I warned you about.

I have nothing new to report. I worked on the sleeve of my sweater, progress was made, but nothing eventful happened.

There has admittedly been a bit of miscounting on my rows, I suppose, but that’s not terribly interesting.

I’ve been trying to keep very careful track of how many rows I’m knitting so that I can make sure that both sleeves are identical, and I’ve missed a row or two in my tallying. Sometimes I just get so into the knitting, I forget to mark down a row. I’ve (inconveniently) had to go back and count several times now.

What I really need to do is find my row counter again. It’s much easier to take a moment to give that counter a quick click than it is to take down a tally mark every row. Sometimes I even just have my boyfriend do it for me – I’ll say “Click!” when I finish a row, and he’ll click my counter for me so I don’t even have to take my hands off my needles.

Speaking of my row counter, I actually did find it recently. I lost it for several months, but I just figured that either it would turn up, or I’d eventually be motivated enough to buy a new one. Turns out, my cat must have gotten hold of it and knocked it under our stove! Silly kitty.

But then I wasn’t smart enough to put it somewhere I’d remember, so I’ve misplaced it. Again. I really need to keep like 12 of these things…

I also didn’t quite make my goal for rows today. By almost half, which is not promising.

I can definitely see why people complain about sleeves. They really are tedious and boring.

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