Day 13: Learning Magic Loop

Well guys, I did exactly what I said I was going to do. I learned how to do the Magic Loop method to work on my sleeves.

If you had asked me immediately after I learned how to do it, I would have said, “THIS METHOD IS A REVELATION! WHY HAVE I NEVER LEARNED THIS UNTIL NOW?? THIS IS AMAAAAAAZING!”

But by about the fifth row of working in magic loop, I was like, “This is a pain in the ass. Get back on the needle you stupid stitch! Why does anyone enjoy this method???”

And now, after having done more than 30 rows in Magic Loop, I’m pretty ambivalent to it. I’m ecstatic that it doesn’t hurt my hands, and I’ll definitely be using it whenever I’m using a needle size over US3, but in terms of convenience, it’s just not my favorite.

Maybe I should have explained this earlier, but for those who aren’t familiar with Magic Loop, it’s where you take a long circular needle and use that instead of double pointed needles. You do this by essentially halving your circle and pulling the circular needle through that middle section, creating a loop with your circular cord.

Listen, it’s complicated. I won’t get too into the explanation, since it’s difficult to explain without pictures. I used the Tin Can Knits tutorial on the Magic Loop method, and it was perfect.

Here’s my biggest complaint about the method: having to stop midway through a row to adjust the loops is such a pain. It feels like it really interrupts progress, which is of course irritating, but I could see someone make the argument that you spend approximately equal time adjusting your dpns, since you typically have 3 or 4 of them, not just 2. That’s fair.

What you don’t have to contend with on dpns is getting that over-stretched stitch back onto the needle. My stitches always, always get caught when I adjust my loops and move the unworked stitches up onto the needle, and it’s frustrating.

But enough griping. I have to admit, Magic Loop is convenient for these sleeves. I wouldn’t be able to make the progress that I have if I were dealing with constant pain up my arm.

As I’m going now, I’m hoping to have this first sleeve done in the next 3 days, by September 16th. I’ll let you guys know if I meet that goal!

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