Day 10: That’s A Wrap, Yokes!

I finished the yoke on my sweater!

I have officially finished all of the raglan increases, and the numbers are in.

I counted up all my stitches to see if what I had matched the final numbers in the pattern, and I’m actually very pleased. I didn’t do perfectly, but I was close.

The whole yoke was broken up into a series of very obvious panels. I was spot on with the right stitch count for the right front, right sleeve, and back portions, and I have 1 too few stitches on the left sleeve and one too many stitches on the left front sections.

But all in all, I’m pretty proud of that! Neither of those incorrect counts will be difficult to fix, and there’s no blatantly obvious mistakes across the whole piece.

I do still have to attach the collar pieces along the back of the sweater (I can finally imagine really well what it’s supposed to look like!), but I want to get to a point where I’m trying it on before I do that. Obviously, it’s going to be heart breaking if I have to take it out because it doesn’t fit right, but it will be even worse if I have to undo a bunch of carefully tailored mattress stitch, not to mention taking out the ends I’ll have woven in.

Next, I’m onto the sleeves, which I hear are quite tedious.

Speaking of which, I realize that no matter how fast the progress is on my sweater, there are some pretty boring day ahead, between the sleeves and the body.. So what do you guys think of my adding some more expansive content to these daily blogs? Every post will still come with a sweater update, but to keep things interesting, I’ll also write about some of my other knitting.

Let me know what you think down in the comments!

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