Day 9: Even More Yoke Progress

Guys, I kept my promise. I got some knitting done!

It wasn’t some great, huge amount of progress or anything, but it was something. I did two repeats of the raglan increases. As I’ve mentioned before though, this is quite a feat with how many stitches I have on the needles these days.

There was one proper achievement that I can mention. I officially finished my first skein of yarn! The yarn that I’m using, Shepherd’s Wool, comes in 250 yard skeins, too, so that’s a pretty big accomplishment, I’d say.

I still have another 6 skeins to go through, of course. I’m knitting this sweater in the medium size, which takes about 1450yds of yarn total. I bought 7 skeins of yarn, for a total of 1750yds. That should leave me with one entire skein of leftover yarn, but they always say to buy one more skein than what you expect to need, just in case.

And if for some reason my gauge is off or I decide I want my cardigan longer than the pattern calls for, I won’t be panicking because I’m not able to find my yarn in the right dye lot or they discontinue the color I’m using before I’m able to find more of it.

And as it turns out, it’s already been a very good thing that I bought the extra skein. When I first read the pattern, I didn’t realize that the amount of yarn needed was written in meters. So I thought that I only needed 1350yds, not 1450!

Fortunately these skeins are long enough that I’m still going to have a skein leftover, but if I hadn’t bought the extra skein, I’d only have an extra 50yds, which would be way too close for comfort!

Besides, if I do end up with an extra skein of this gorgeous Roasted Pumpkin color, well, I think that I’ll make do somehow.

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