Day 7: More Yoke Progress

The rows are going so slowly now, guys.

When I cast this onto my circs, I had less than 80 stitches on the needles. I knit a couple rows and then added the collar pieces, which obviously significantly increased the amount of stitches, but even if you factor that in, I did not properly anticipate how quickly this project would grow.

It’s not a problem with my needles – my friend reminded me that once I finished the yoke, I’d be taking the sleeves off the needles, so they won’t be as bunched up as they’ve been getting. But it certainly makes motivation a lot harder.

It now takes me more than 20 minutes to finish a row. Granted, I’m a slow knitter, so that’s definitely part of it. But during the first increase section, I was increasing by 14 stitches every for rows! That increases the size of the project so much more quickly than I realized it would.

I’ve moved on to the secondary raglan increase section now, which only increases the stitches by 10 every 4 rows, so at least it’s slowing down a little.

And I should say, it looks gorgeous! Just because I like to gripe about how time consuming knitting this section can be, doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong at all with the pattern. The increases are really smooth.

Actually, probably part of the reason that I’m going so slow is because I keep taking breaks to admire the way it’s turning out!