Day 5: I’m a Knitting Wizard!

Or at least, I certainly feel like one after figuring out how to do the yoke on this sweater!

I must have spent an hour reading and re-reading the pattern for the yoke on the Snowbird. I read the same section over and over again, then read the entire pattern, then read that yoke section several times more.

I looked up the comments on the pattern and found a discussion board on Ravelry. I read over almost the entire discussion board, looked at all the pictures people linked to, and re-read the pattern some more.

Then, finally, still not understanding exactly what I was supposed to do, I finally said “Screw it, I’m just going to knit it and see what happens.” (Only not in such a PG way).

And so I just went ahead and cast on my yoke stitches. I worked up the yoke until I got to the confusing part of connecting the collar pieces that I’d already made to the yoke. I held the first piece at the right angles, looked at my needles, flipped it this way and that for a bit, and then bam!

I figured it out!

And I grinned like a maniac as I attached that first collar piece, I was so pleased with myself.

So for anyone interested, I took a few pictures once I finally figured out the process, in case any of you readers decide to cast on this Snowbird sweater.

Here is the line that had me so confused in this pattern:

“…then take the left collar piece with purl side facing, and with working yarn from yoke, k tog the last yoke st and the first collar st…”

I could not wrap my head around how I was supposed to knit together two stitches from completely different pieces, and I wasn’t certain which stitch was supposed to be the “first” collar stitch.

All became clear when I got to this part of the knitting, though.

First, I slipped the last stitch of my yoke onto my right needle, so that I could place all of the stitches from my collar piece (circled above in blue), on the left needle of my circular needles. Then I slipped that last stitch back onto my left needle as well (circled in red).

This allowed me to easily knit together the first stitch of my collar and the last stitch of my yoke.

The “first” stitch of the collar piece, by the way, is the stitch with the working yarn hanging from it. If you’ve done the collar piece correctly, it should not be the side of your RSE – that is, it’s the side that has some stretch, not the inflexible edge side.

Your collar piece should also be facing the opposite way of your yoke stitches. In the case of the first collar piece, the reverse stockinette side of the collar piece is facing toward you (aka the bumpy purl side), while the yoke stitches that are facing you are in stockinette stitch.

In hindsight, the piecing together of this part of the sweater seems so easy, but I was truly befuddled by it when reading the instructions alone.

Lesson of the day: If you can’t figure out what the instructions are talking about in theory, just cast on – it’ll probably become clear as you knit.