Day 4: When a Mistake Isn’t a Mistake, It Can Still Be a Mistake

Ok, well today let’s start with a correction from yesterday.

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I had accidentally added an extra stitch on the edge of the piece I was working on (the left side collar) when I had to pull several rows out and put the stitches back on the needle.

That wasn’t actually true. I didn’t miscount my stitches, I simply thought that I’d cast on 19 stitches when, in fact, I’d cast on 20. I have absolutely no idea why I was fixated on that 19 stitches thing, because I made the same mistake earlier while knitting up that piece, but there you go.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t just an oh well and laugh it off, “Well it’s a design feature now!” kind of mistake. Because if you’ll recall, I finagled the stitches so that I was down to 19. For all you math-hating knitters (myself included), that’s one fewer stitches than I’m supposed to have. And one fewer stitches is not a design feature, it’s a problem.

So. I had to go back and bloody fix it, again.

I ended up pulling out about 6 rows, but this time I tinked back rather than taking the stitches off the needles and pulling out the yarn. Tinking for 20+ rows I will not do, I do not have the patience. But for this, pulling back less than 10 rows, each with only 19 stitches? I have the patience for that.

But that was not the end of my woes, oh no! I made a mistake in my right side collar as well. I dropped a stitch, which would normally be no problem at all, but of course, it was on the edge (I’m thinking I’m only going to knit in the round for a few months after this. No edges there, haha!).

So I had to figure out a way of picking up that stitch before it fell any farther, and the result is a slight blip on my otherwise pristine right side collar. And that one is going to be a design feature, because I was not going to fuss with a slight problem on the edge (which most people won’t even notice, I’m sure) any longer than I absolutely had to.

I do have to give props for this pattern design. I don’t know if this was intentional or just a coincidence of the way the pattern works, but I love that I was able to finish these two pieces so easily (more or less) and so quickly. It’s been a great way to work my way into my first sweater, with the victory of completing two pieces already, no matter how small they are.

Tomorrow, I start the yoke! Wish me luck!