Day 2: Casting On

I did it! I finally cast on my first sweater!

Admittedly, I didn’t make a ton of progress yet – only a couple inches on part of the collar – but considering how I’ve put this off over and over and over again, I’m calling those couple inches a huge victory.

Ok, so, I learned two things while knitting those first few inches yesterday.

First, I learned how to do a provisional cast on. And I love it! I’m sure there are other crochet cast ons that are more permanent than the one I learned (I believe I’m going to be taking mine out at some point, and will be using the resulting live stitches to attach the section I’m working on to the greater sweater) and I intend to learn them.

I also realized that maybe I should have picked a free pattern if I’m going to be writing all about my experience knitting it. I’m already having to be careful of my wording so that I don’t give away to many details of the pattern.

But I’m just going to have to make do! I picked the Snowbird pattern because it’s one I know that I’ll definitely wear, which I figure is very important if I want to be motivated to knit another sweater after this one.

And I don’t want to risk losing my motivation for this one by trying to find a new pattern. I’ll just have to be careful.

(Heidi Kirrmaier, if somehow you ever read this blog, you have every right to tell me to take down any post you feel reveals too much about your gorgeous pattern.)

I’ve also noticed that I have a really hard time picturing how a project is going to turn out the first time I knit it. The section I’m working on now is called the “Left Collar,” and even looking at the pictures available on Ravelry of everyone’s projects, I just do not understand where this piece is going to be.

That means that I get to be surprised as my sweater takes shape, but unfortunately I think it’s also going to make it easier to make mistakes.

Well, in that case, wish me luck!